The Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation (CPR) is a coalition of national consumer, clinician and membership organizations with the goal of preserving access to rehabilitation services.  CPR will advocate for policies that ensure access to rehabilitative care so that individuals with disabilities, injuries or chronic conditions may regain and/or maintain their maximum level of independent function.



Congress is currently debating behind closed doors how they will offset the cost of fixing the Medicare physician fee schedule which has been in need of reform for years.  One of the most likely targets to save money is by reducing funding and restricting access to rehabilitation services provided in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units as well as outpatient clinics.

These are the services that assist people in regaining health and function lost to illness or injury.  These cuts and restrictions in access to rehabilitation care would disproportionately impact people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and those with injuries and illnesses.  Without these services, fewer Medicare beneficiaries, including 8 million people UNDER age of 65, will be able to return to their homes and live as independently as possible.

Please call your Congressional Representative and two Senators TODAY and throughout February, toll-free, and tell Congress to protect access to inpatient hospital rehabilitation and outpatient therapy services.  Simply dial:


You will be provided instructions and talking points before you are patched through to the offices of your elected officials.  Tell your representatives:

  • Do not restrict access or cut funding for medical rehabilitation provided in
    • Inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units, and
    • Outpatient clinics.  No more caps, cuts or restrictions in access to rehab!

Our timeline is very short. We need you to make these calls as soon as possible, and to spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues.  The more calls to Congress from the disability and rehabilitation community, the greater protection of access to rehabilitation.

Social Media:  And here’s a sample social media post you can use:  “Tell Congress to protect access to inpatient hospital rehab and outpatient medical rehab by calling 888-254-3840 today. #preserve rehab”