Promote Study on the Importance of Access to Inpatient Rehabilitation Care

A study conducted by Dobson and DaVanzo and commissioned by AMRPA shows that individuals with certain chronic conditions and disabilities who are treated in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units have better long-term clinical outcomes than those treated in nursing homes.

We have created a number of resources available below that you may use to share information about the study. If you have any questions about any of these resources or how to use them, please contact Theresa Morgan at

  • Final Study
    The full study is embargoed until July 10.
  • Study Summary
    This two-page summary highlights key findings and can be printed and used as a handout or placed on your website.
  • Study Summary With Condition-Specific Information 
    This summary includes key findings by condition, including brain injury, stroke and amputation.
  • Infographic
    The infographic, which highlights key points from the study, can be customized with your organization’s logo and placed on your website, delivered through your social media platforms, printed in your newsletter or used as a handout.
  • Sample Blog Post or Newsletter Article
    This blog post describes details of the study and how individuals with disabilities can use the information to make better informed medical decisions.
  • Sample Press Release
    The press release can be customized for use with the media and placement on your website.
  • Sample Social Media Messages
    These messages can be used to promote the study’s information and link back to your website.

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